Testimonials/Press Release

By Br. G.O. Jobson-Larkin D. Div: This is one of the best books I’ve ever read on spiritual motivational introspection. In “Let Me Out!”, Cheryl Yolanda Howard seeks to literally break the negative spell which has been cast on her targeted readers, depicting religious-living as an alternative natural and sociological phenomenon consideration. I considered myself to be extremely religious for most of my life and I found this book fascinating and inspiring. Ms. Howard, who is both professionally and theologically trained, presents great arguments and discussions, looking at human dysfunction and moral personal lack as products of non-reconcilable spirituality connectives and contemporary human (although feminine focused) issues as the product of secularism and peer-driven societal pressures. This book examines the roots of all Godly behaviorism, how to shape humans towards Christian morality, and what that process brings to our (all humanities’) overall quality of life. If you’ve ever questioned the origins of your moral/spiritual dysfunctions regarding questions of faith, or been interested in why so many people turn to God, in terms of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in times of trouble, this book makes for most, enlightening reading. I recommend this work in concert with peer counseling of “At-Risk’ youth and adult populations, and is now a staple in my personal library.

By Craigo: This is a great book and it is really helping me to focus on the Lord to overcome my struggles and insecurities. I think the Lord that He can deliver me and I am grateful to Cheryl Howard for allowing the Lord to use her in sharing her testimony.

By Michelle: Easy read. This book is very captivating and very real. It is encouraging and very uplifting. It leaves the reader feeling inspired, believing that all things are possible with God. Evangelist Cheryl makes it simple and plain. I would definitely encourage anyone who struggles with trying to break free from past and present hurts, hang-ups and lies they believe about themselves, that others and the devil put on them, but God did not, to read this book. Evangelist Cheryl Keeps it real and raw!!! It’s a must read.

By Kendra Garcia: AMAZING! book. It is well written I enjoyed the testimonials showing how we too can be free from bondage, while discovering Gods plan for our lives. I highly recommend this book. Great read!



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