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Author’s Testimonial: [Director-Preacher-Counselor-Author-Poet-Psalmist] 

Cheryl Y. Howard, MA.,B.C.P.C

600841_10202110967685095_1345496128_nCheryl Yolanda Howard, MA., BCPC., MTS., aka the Inspirational and Empowerment Specialist, Healthy Relationship Consultant and Coach Cheryl has been called to help build up others in the most holy faith as clergy and Inspire others in their purpose, call and overarching goal(s). Helping to meet the needs of the people by both volunteering and working in the human service field in a variety of roles as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, Inspirational Life Coach, Counselor, Qualified Mental Health Professional, Positive Behavioral  Intervention Support Specialist, Associate Pastor and ordained clergy, Best Selling Author, Mentoring Coordinator, Motivational Speaker and a Natural Advocate.




Cheryl wrote columns for the Examiner as NY Christian Examiner andRichmond Natural Beauty Examiner, owns a blog at about nurturing self, hair, families, relationships and offering products and more.

She Recalls a message that she says God gave her in her spirit, and she preached it at a transitional house where she and her daughter stayed several months. The title of  her message was, ‘Push God, Push.’ Cheryl said this was her cry out to God to push her forward whenever she felt the pressures and vicissitudes of life and faced hardship. This is one of her many sermons preached there. She not only encouraged others with this same message to walk into their ordained, predestined, and chosen destiny, purpose and position but she was also being pushed by the Holy Spirit to fulfill every vision that God spoke into her and her daughter’s life. Get Your Life Back ‘Inspirational Life Coaching’ & Healing for Your Soul Ministries is Directed/Founded by Ms. Howard. As a part of her education in human services, social work and everyday work, Cheryl has learned first hand, the art and techniques of life coaching both secular and spiritually-based.

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Some of the proceeds and royalties from the sale of this book will go towards my organization and outreach ministry: “Get Your Life Back Counseling Ministries.”



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