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Bury the past and live! Embrace your new identity in Christ! Be free! Forgive yourself! Tear down those rebellious walls that stifle you from moving forward. 

Spiritual warfare involves wearing the whole armor of God to cast out, divorce from evil works, root out, pluck up and rebuild as the case of Jeremiah’s mission, where God empowered and anointed the Prophet to destroy the corruptible nations and kingdoms only to rebuild them again, see Jeremiah Chapter 1. God spoke to Jeremiah’s fear of confrontation, leadership, speech, insecurity, youth, and more. If God can empower and use a Jeremiah, and a Moses who struggled with similar issues and countless others, then He can surely do the same in you.


So what is screaming inside of you?  What do you need to overcome and become the man or woman God has ordained you to be? Be Free! You can start by crying out to God by first saying God:

Let Me Out!”

Do you feel like a child looking out of the window watching other children play outside and fear is preventing you from joining them? Are you feeling like a misfit? Maybe you’re not free and liberated enough on the inside to be you or socialize and interact with groups, crowds or in unfamiliar environments. So what you’re inclined to do is hide inside yourself or in familiar situations or relationships-deemed dysfunctional or miserable, where you feel safe and comfortable. But really, you’re crying out on the inside; afraid, can’t trust, feeling stuck and bound. Well, where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! He is Lord of a breakthrough! I am here as a witness to encourage you to invite His spirit into your spirit so you can have liberation. The wrestling can end, the struggle can cease, the battle within can come to a halt!

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Let Me out! in Print can be purchased NOW PREFERABLY from my eStore Today-Click Here to purchase (majority of royalties go to the author).  

Let Me Out! is also available NOW on Kindle at Amazon and other Print copies are also available at and Barnes & Noble as well.

What a great holiday gift to inspire and encourage that friend, family member or special someone. You can plant a seed of encouragement that will move them to live on purpose by overcoming crippling fear, break generational patterns of behavior, understand their own purpose in life and in God, seek to find out who they are in Christ, fortify and form healthier relationships with others and more.

Through my testimonials about my personal struggles and issues such as overcoming molestation, fear and insecurity, adjusting to life after divorce to single-parenting, experiencing homelessness/displacement, and from having no HS diploma to earning a BS and two MA degrees starting in my 30’s, launching out into the deep to start my own business and completing this book, in the midst of my own crisis and this country’s economic crisis… Through Him, I have uploaded those dreams and visions that were lying dormant as he downloaded blessings and favor upon me and my daughter’s life. Read this book and understand how God fearfully and wonderfully created you for such a time as this!

I come as your mid-wife and life coach, and I wrote this book to push YOU to BELIEVE GOD and allow Him to empower you to live on purpose and fulfill His purpose, obtain goals, and walk in your destiny! So if you are ready to get out of a cycle, a pit, a curse, that maze or that place called STUCK, Just pray to God “Let Me Out!”


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